Overview of Services

ACL’s aim is to provide a comprehensive calibration service, at a fair cost, to all types of customers, large or small. We concentrate on service, accepting that few customers have the luxury of spare instruments while equipment is away being calibrated, and that turn-round times are important.

Electrical lab

We don’t sell instruments, so we have no axe to grind and can offer a truly independent view of the performance of your instruments. If an instrument fails calibration, you can be sure that we haven’t failed it to make you buy a replacement from us.

We believe that UKAS Accreditation (which covers all the requirements of ISO 9001) gives our customers 100% assurance that all our calibrations are carried out correctly. We have recently extended our Accreditation to cover three more parameters beyond our electrical and dimensional accreditation and now offer UKAS calibrations for Pressure, Temperature and Humidity.

Our policy is to sub-contract as little work as possible so we remain in control. However, when certain specialist items need to go back to the manufacturer, we accept the responsibility for maintaining contact with them and progressing the work.

The buttons on the left cover most of the work we do, but we are constantly adding to our capabilities so if your type of instrument is not shown please ask us anyway.

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