UKAS Accreditation has been applied for, covering torque hand tools.

We have facilities for calibrating torque wrenches (up to 1000Nm using a Norbar 1000 Isostatic transducer-driven rig, which is far more accurate and repeatable than the traditional bench-mounted torque meters) and torque drivers (again using transducers rather than the less-accurate meters). We can also calibrate torque meters, again using transducers to give reliable and repeatable results.

Torque Lab


Crimp pull test

We can calibrate compression load cells (up to 20 Tonnes) using our own specially-designed rig and are working on a tension load cell rig at present Small tension load cells (up to 500N, or approx 50kg) we can already accommodate as part of our Force Gauge calibration service, which also covers spring balances up to 50kg.

Crimping tools which require pull tests to be carried out on crimped wire samples can also be catered for.


ACL offer a calibration service for top-pan scales from micro-gramme balances up to 25kg scales. For on site calibration of weighing platforms we have traceable weights up to 600kg.

We can also calibrate individual masses (weights) up to 25kg in our laboratory.

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